Chance meeting

A chance meeting in 2000 among Devlin, his attorney and Golden, now 26, in an Orlando parking lot led to Golden’s recanting his story.

Golden, who has battled addictions and has numerous arrests on drug charges, told Devlin he was in a Narcotics Anonymous 12-step program that required him to right past wrongs.

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Attorney Ted Culhan heard part of the conversation.

“He told us he felt bad,” Culhan said. “He said he didn’t realize that Devlin went to prison and was on probation.”

Dyer, now a prosecutor in Broward County, said he finds Golden’s new story suspicious.

“I find it highly questionable that he waited so long to come forward and say that he was pressured into such statements,” said Dyer. He added that he is not worried about a possible investigation.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” he said.

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